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1. General

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CoinGames is a decentralized crypto casino platform that functions on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Network, where users can participate in gaming experiences using the unique token of our ecosystem called DEGA. At CoinGames, we offer users over 5,000 games from over 60 providers worldwide.

Deposits and withdrawals are almost always instantaneous, usually taking just a few seconds to have transactions confirmed on the blockchain.

Gas fees are fixed and are very cheap on the Binance Smart Chain, usually costing just a few cents. As pertains to transaction fees, at CoinGames they will not be present when a user deposits and withdraws.

2. Money transfer

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All a user must do in order to get started on CoinGames is to connect their crypto wallet to the platform. Once you have done that, your account will be fully activated and you will be ready to deposit, play and withdraw.

Upon registration, a player will be able to deposit funds into their account once they have linked their wallet. We will only be accepting DEGA tokens as a manner of payment. Users will be able to swap other currencies for DEGA on our platform.
Deposits usually should not take more than a couple of minutes to show up in a user’s account, although waiting times for deposits to be confirmed on the blockchain can vary from currency to currency. If this is not the case, you can contact our support center at 24/7. As pertains to withdrawals, they will also only be made in DEGA tokens, with users having the possibility to swap them in other currencies on our platform once the withdrawal process is completed.

Registered users will only be allowed to use DEGA tokens to move funds around and play on the CoinGames crypto casino.

3. About games and rules

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In order to withdraw winnings or tokens received through a bonus, giveaway, or airdrop, users will have to comply with wagering requirements for each promotion, which can be identified in the Terms and Conditions sections of each event. New accounts will be required to deposit and wager $10 or equivalent before they can withdraw. Once these requirements have been met, it will be possible for users to withdraw any amount they wish. In a simple game session (independent from a promotion), in order for a deposit to be withdrawn, it must first have been wagered at least one time. At the moment, we are not enforcing any withdrawal limit, and there is no fee on withdrawals.

Users will be able to see which promos are available to them through the banners on our Lobby, Casino and Live Casino sections. Bonus promotions are updated every month and include a variety of tournaments, deposit, leaderboard, cashback, bet & get and other kinds of promotions that will be available on a large array of games. For more detailed information about specific promotions, see the Terms & Conditions section.

In addition to the individual tournament bonuses that we will offer on a monthly basis, users will also be able to play on daily tournaments that they can access though the Tournaments bar at the top of the Lobby page. These tournaments will last 4 hours and will all have a monetary prize pool to be divided amongst the top players. For more information, read the Tournaments description in the Tournament section.

5.Crypto Topics

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NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are unique blockchain-held assets that cannot be copied, substituted or subdivided. An NFT can be anything digital, such as an image, a drawing, a musical segment, a video or other, with the most popular NFTs at the moment being variations of digital art,

Bitcoin (BTC) is the most popular and widely used cryptocurrency. Bitcoin transfers never take over a few hours and have lower fees than fiat money transfers. Each transfer made in Bitcoin is available for all to see on the blockchain, making it a transparent way of moving funds around without the need for verification by a third party such as a government entity or a bank. Once a person sends Bitcoin to another after exchanging a key to their wallets, the sum goes through a certain number of confirmations on the blockchain depending on the amount of the transfer. Once the transaction is confirmed, it can be viewed by anyone. Bitcoins and other digital assets can be acquired through crypto exchanges and investment platforms, including popular ones like Coinbase, Binance and others.